The following information has been researched by D.J. Conway in their book, Wicca: The Complete Craft.

Familiars are both astral and physical creatures. It takes a Witch embarking on a spiritual journey to the Otherworld. We Witches use the familiars’ energy from the Otherworld to shape-shift or become invisible.

The act of becoming invisible and shape-shift is not the fantastical magic you see in books and on television. This is a mental state that the Witch places herself in, as to borrow the Familiar’s abilities or to remain so inconspicuous as to seem invisible.

  • Badger
    • Help you learn to fight for your rights and spiritual ideas
  • Bat
    • Creature of the night
  • Bear
    • Learning patience, transformation, balance, harmony, and defense
  • Bee
    • Harmony and balance with others
  • Blackbird
    • Associated with Goddesses. Help with deep meditation, learning of trance, and how to discover mystical secrets
  • Butterfly
    • Immortality, beauty in age, long life, and joy. Helps to study reincarnation, transform your life, and to divine the future
  • Cat
    • Fight fiercely when cornered or threatened. A strong protector. Help with astral journeys for hidden information, and to see spirits
  • Cattle
    • Learning how to be more aware of what happens around you, how to be content with your life, when to retreat from danger
  • Cheetah
    • Help develop self-esteem, fearlessness, a more confident bearing
  • Cock/Rooster
    • How to dispel evil and negatively by the use of voice, excellent psychic guardian
  • Crane
    • Sacred bird, messenger to the Gods. These Familiars carry the souls of the dead. It aids in learning to enter a higher state of consciousness, learning mage and astral travel, reaching the deeper mysteries
  • Crow
    • Teaches prophesying, shape-shifting, boldness, skill, cunning, and how to access past lives
  • Deer
    • Discovering alternate paths to a goal, interpreting dreams, understanding a necessary transformation, and how to accept others as they are
  • Dog/Hound
    • Tracing information through a confusion of situations, thus finding the truth. Companionship, intuition, and protection
  • Dolphin
    • Aide in discovering truth, learning elemental magic, releasing negatives, and learning eloquence, trust and change
  • Dragon
    • Earliest symbol of the Goddess. Symbolizes royalty and power. A dragon will help any Witch who seeks its assistance. Teaches spiritual subjects, the powers of change and transformation, and protection
  • Dragonfly
    • Teaches the meaning of dreams, uncovering and identifying illusions, and receiving mystic messages from a spirit
  • Eagle
    • Solar creature. Associated with power, courage, and victory. Gain keen insight, take swift action, find hidden spiritual paths, create strong connection with Otherworld entities and guides
  • Eel
    • Helpful in teaching how to get out of a bad situation
  • Elephant
    • Help with removing obstacles and barriers to success. Represents wisdom, strength, prudence, and fertility
  • Falcon
    • Connected with magic, shamans, and astral travel. Witches can use the Familiar to send healing energy to a dying person, or in any healing
  • Fox
    • Great cunning and endurance. Aides in the ability to turn the tables on its opponent. Helps Witches when dealing with difficult people or when you want to be inconspicuous
  • Frog
    • Symbol of the Goddess in the Mother phase. Helps with initiation, transformations, clearing negatives from your life
  • Toads
    • Help with long life, prosperity, new beginnings, and good luck
  • Griffin
    • A huge animal. Head and front look like an eagle, while the bottom half is a lion. Associated with solar deities. Helps with balance between psychic energy and spiritual enlightenment
  • Hare/Rabbit
    • Associated with the moon. Help Witches with transformations, intuition, quick thinking, and hidden wisdom
  • Hawk
    • Solar bird. The greatest and wisest. Help to develop clear-sightedness, recall past lives, overcome problems, and make the right decisions
  • Hedgehog
    • Protect ones self without harming others
  • Heron
    • Mystical, carries messages from the Gods to humans. Helps with gaining self-confidence, being patient, and succeeding by methodical work
  • Horse
    • Aides as Guardians on journeys. They help overcome obstacles and is the symbol of freedom
  • Jaguar
    • Largest cat. Cunning and fearless. Helps Witches to walk fearless in Otherworlds
  • Leopard
    • Cunning, fierce, and intelligent. Astral leopard helps wit perseverance and cunning, particularly on astral journeys
  • Lion
    • Helps with family problems, especially when trying t strengthen family ties. Teaches Witches to release stress and tension
  • Lizard
    • Symbolizes good fortune and mystical wisdom. Aide in understanding dreams and facing difficult decisions.
    • Chameleon
      • Aides in staying out of trouble and to be aware as danger approaches
  • Magpie
    • Symbolizes joy and good fortune. In the West, is symbolizes trouble and bad news. Aides in learning divination
  • Mouse
    • Aides in cunning, ability to remain inconspicuous, have attention to small details, and harmony
  • Otter
    • Aides in uncovering hidden talents and treasures, gaining wisdom, surviving a crisis, and making new friends
  • Owls
    • Associated with Goddesses, wisdom, Underworld deities, prophecy, and the Goddess of Death.Aides in interpreting dreams, prophecy, unmask people who try to deceive you, practice magic and shape-shifting, and find hidden spiritual truths
  • Pig
    • Boar
      • Aides with courage, concealment, and protection
    • Sow
      • Represents cunning, intelligence, and knowledge of past lives
  • Rat
    • Japanese culture/zodiac says they represents wealth, cunning, stealth, and tracking what you seek
  • Raven
    • Aides in divination and travel through the Underworld on astral travels
  • Salmon
    • Associated with great wisdom (spiritual wisdom). Aides with deep mediation and divination
  • Scorpion
    • Good at sending negative energy to senders
  • Snake
    • Aide in developing psychic talents and creative powers. Transmuting your life to a higher level of goals. Provide knowledge about reincarnation, and how to shed one life for another. Aides in seeking the spiritual Goddess of Wisdom
  • Spiders
    • How to get out of negative situations, making new beginnings, finding wisdom, and starting a new life
  • Squirrel
    • Messenger of the Gods. Aids in preparing for the future, how to rest when not busy. This Familiar can also assist with a Witch to be aware of subtle messages of upcoming change and potential danger
  • Swan
    • Aide in the interpretation of symbolic dream images, help you develop intuition and psychic abilities, and help you with transitions in life
  • Tiger
    • Ally in learning how to deal quickly with problems without overthinking them
  • Turtle
    • Lunar animal that supports the world. Aide in learning patience

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