Ritual Tools

  • Dagger
    • Element of Fire
    • Recommended length is between 9-10 inches from hilt to point
    • A means of Summoning, Controlling, or Banishing Spirits and/or Otherworldly powers
    • Used to trace a circle
  • Wand
    • Element of Air
    • Witches Will of Power
    • Directs energy
    • Tool of Persuasion
    • Different wands for different purposes
  • Two Goblets
    • Metal, ceramics, glass, pewter
    • One for water
    • One for wine
  • Pentacle Disk
    • Element of Earth
    • Wooden, ceramic
    • The grounding point for the Altar
    • Manifestation point for the arrival of spiritual energy into the physical world
  • White Pillar Candle
    • Element of Spirit
    • Placed on Altar
    • Lit before ceremonies, blown out after circle has been broken
  • Incense Burner
    • Element of Air
    • Place in sand, which is in a jar
  • Bottles for Consecrated Water
    • Element of Water
    • Always purify before pouring into bottle
    • Store in small bottles
  • Bottle for Salt
    • Element of Earth and Spirit
    • Small bottles are better, less likely to spill
    • Sea Salt, Kosher Salt
  • Candle snuffer
    • An elegant way to snuff out ceremonial candles
  • Non-Flammable Candle Holders
    • Metal is best
    • Place atop small tables, 4 for the 4 directions
  • Small Metal Cauldron
    • Represents the womb of the Goddess
    • Cast iron
  • Broom
    • Used to deflect evil and bring good luck
    • Clean area of negativity before beginning new ritual
  • Bune Wand
    • Forked stick or staff
    • Represents Horned God
  • Mortar and Pestle
    • Used to grind up herbs
    • Produces a magical connection to the herbs for the ritual
    • Concentrate on the herbs while grinding
  • Ladder
    • A string with 40 beads or knots to help keep count while chanting

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