Winter Solstice

The Solstice is a time of death and rebirth. We celebrate the death of the Sun King, and welcome his rebirth in the form of the Divine Child. The Solstice celebrations can range from December 20th until the 25th. Most celebrate on the 21st specifically. The full moon after the Solstice is considered the strongest of the year for spell work. Delightfully, the full moon this month is on the 22nd. I plan on beginning my celebrations as thus:

December 20th: Cleanse my binder to prepare it for being my BOS and my ritual tools

December 21st: Enter my first spells and rituals into my BOS that day. Perform my first Holy Day ritual that night as I welcome in the new God.

December 22nd: Just so happens to be my middle daughter’s second birthday! Celebrations will be centered on her for the daytime. That night is a full moon. I will again cleanse my tools and begin my Initiation! I will not be sharing my Craft name as to avoid any ill wishes/energy directed at me. (Revealing a Craft name makes a Witch vulnerable to spells or negative energy.) Once I have been initiated, I will perform my spell to break bad luck. I have written this spell previously, but held off performing it until this night.

Cleansing Ritual:

Raise your arms high above your head:

May my words and writings go out beyond and through the Worlds,

May the Old Gods and our Triple Goddess hear this plea.

Bring blessings to this book,

As I wish, so shall it be.

Using your power hand, wave the Book over the burning incense:

Element of Air,

Bless this Book.

Let its contents flow through,

And be an inspiration to my life.

Using your power hand, wave the Book over the fire:

Element of Fire,

Bless this Book.

Let its contents be purified,

And touch my life as it touches this fire

Using your power hand, sprinkle water onto your Book:

Element of Water,

Bless this Book.

As I have poured my will to the Gods and Goddess,

May my will and power always be balance

Place your Book on the pentacle disk and place your power hand flat on top of the Book:

Element of Earth,

Ground this Book and ground its power.

May this power connect with the will of the Gods and Goddess,

May all my rituals and spells honor them.

Lay your dagger on top of the book:

Element of Spirit,

May these writings always be connected to the Otherworld.

Air to help them flow,

Fire to purify,

Water to balance,

Earth to ground it,

Spirit to blend all the Elements together into an unbreakable link with the Gods and Goddess.

As I wish,

So shall it be.

Place both hands palms down on the altar and imagine your power grounding itself within you. Raise your arms and say:

My thanks to all who came this night,

To help me in this sacred rite.

The Lord and Lady,

Proud and old,

The Elementals strong and bold.

My blessings to you,

all creatures free.

As I will,

So shall it be.

*Initiation is to remain private


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