Chakras Dumbed-Down

Chakras have been very popular over the last few years, yet how much does the average person know about them? Before researching, I knew there were seven chakras that ran down the middle of our body, and supposedly did stuff for our health. Basically, I was the eye-rolling, dismissive type. But as chakras kept being mentioned in some of my meditation books, I decided to delve down deeper into the “stuff” that chakras are meant for.

The purpose of my research into meditation, is to learn how to process my emotions and moods. As a Bipolar 2 sufferer, I am constantly ruled by my moods. And while I love the bi-annual pharmaceutical cocktail rearrangement, I’m hoping to be able to use meditation to get a better handle on my moods. Maybe even change them.

If anyone is interested in beginning research on chakras, here’s my dumbed-down summaries:

First Chakra “Muladhara”- The Root Chakra

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Sound: Lang

Location: Base of spine

Health Issues: Blocked chakra can lead to constantly being sick, insomnia, anorexia, constipation, hip pain, insecurity, anxiety, or inability to focus. Overloaded chakra can lead to obesity, overeating, addictions, fatigue, greed, hoarding, becoming a workaholic.

Therapy: Eating high protein and root diet, getting the correct amount of sleep, massages, exercise, and yoga.

Summary: Focuses on Survival, Security, and Safety. When this chakra is balanced, you feel grounded, and connected to the Earth. You are comfortable in your own body, feel safe, physically healthy and financially secure. When blocked, you feel shifty, unable to settle or find where you feel you belong. If overloaded, you can seem sluggish and a hermit. You only feel secure huddled up in your home, alone.

Second Chakra “Svadhisthana”- Passion Chakra

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Sound: Vang

Location: Just below belly button and radiates in and around the abdomen and genitals

Health issues: Blocked chakra can lead to infertility, irregular periods, sexual arousal disorders, bladder infections, kidney stones, lower back pain, “writer’s block,” commitment issues, resistant to change, fear of intimacy.

Therapy: Seek professional help for addictions and relationships, pursuing your creativity, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Summary: Focuses on sex and emotions. When this chakra is balanced you are comfortable with your emotions, your creativity flows, and you have a healthy sex life. When blocked, you appear cold and unfeeling to others, deal with depression and frustration, and gyno/prostrate problems. When too open you tend to be ruled by your emotions and addicted to sex.

Third Chakra “Manipura”- Power Chakra

Element: Fire

Color: Bright yellow

Sound: Rang

Location: Solar Plexus

Health Issues: Blocked chakras could lead to low energy, low appetite, chronic fatigue, diabetes, poor liver function, low self-esteem, and stiff muscles. Overloaded chakras can lead to hypertension, stress, addiction to exercise, constant hunger, anger and control issues, narcissism.

Therapy: Yoga, deep relaxation, run, or highlight the color yellow in your life.

Summary: Focuses on confidence. When blocked, you tend to feel powerless and have digestive problems. When too open you give too much of yourself away, allow your emotions and empathy to rule you.

Fourth Chakra “Anahata”- Heart Chakra

Element: Air

Color: Green

Sound: Yang

Location: Behind your hear

Health Issues: Blocked chakras could lead to heart problems, lung problems, depression, immune suppression, frequently withdraw from relationships, intolerance, and lack of empathy. When too open you could suffer from an enlarged heart, low blood pressure, exhaustion, breast problems, burn-out, codependency, and self-neglect.

Therapy: Self-care, yoga, meditation, take the time share your love with other people or animals

Summary: Focuses on the balance between spiritual and physical self. When blocked you find it hard to be “loving.” When in excess you can give too much of your self away to others.

Fifth Chakra “Vishuddha”- Throat Chakra

Element: Ether

Color: Blue

Sound: Hang

Location: Throat

Health Issues: Blocked chakras could lead to hypothyroidism, lump in throat, sore throat, hearing loss, tone deafness, problems with self-expression, fear of public speaking, inability to say what you mean, or taking things too literally. When overloaded, hyperthyroidism, vocal nodes, talking too much or too loudly, speaking before you think, interrupting others, or speaking without regard to other’s emotions.

Therapy: Mantra meditation, singing, speaking in front of others, or raising your voice helps with a blocked chakra. Going without speaking for a short period of time, keeping a journal, and lowering your voice can help with an overloaded chakra.

Summary: Focuses on creative expression and inner voice. When blocked you can have a hard time communicating with others. When too open you tend to talk more than you listen to others.

Sixth Chakra “Ajna”- Third Eye Chakra

Element: Light

Color: Purple

Sound: Aum

Location: Between eyebrows

Health Issues: Blocked chakra can present headaches, nasal congestion, night blindness, lack of imagination, lack of intuition, or sociopathic behavior. Overloaded chakra can present headaches, hallucinations, a feeling of disconnection from reality, psychosis, or trouble distinguishing dreams from reality.

Therapy: Work on being in the moment, focus on your environment versus what’s going on in your mind, and spend less time daydreaming. 

Summary: Focuses on intuition. When this chakra is closed you ignore your instincts, instead of following them. When too open you tend to overthink everything.

Seventh Chakra “Sahasrara”- Crown Chakra

Color: White

Location: Brain

Health Issues: Feelings of isolation, depression, lack of motivation or inspiration, spiritual crisis, headaches, obsession with religion, nervous breakdowns, dissociation, or feeling ungrounded.

Therapy: Meditation, prayer, therapy, or balancing all of your chakras.

Summary: Focuses on enlightenment. When blocked you have little to no interest in spirituality. If in excess, you’re tempted to lead a solitary life in search of greater enlightenment.



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