Svadhisthana- “Passion” Chakra

  • Emotions and Sex

The Passion chakra deals with our emotions and sexual self. A person who has a healthy Passion chakra manages their emotions in a way that they are able to feel without being overtaken. Able to see emotions as a PIECE of themselves, and not the whole. That is super tricky. Emotions are addicting. We all have the potential to allow ourselves to be enveloped by certain emotions, a healthy chakra can provide the balance needed to save ourselves from being overwhelmed. Those emotions spread over into our relationships as well. The love you feel for those closest to you stems from this chakra, the Passion chakra.

There has been a lot of research I’ve read associating this chakra with the love a parent has for their children. At first I was a bit horrified. The previous research had focused on sexual desire for this chakra. But in hindsight, both make since. Of course the genitals provide for sexual and intimate desires, but so does the love you have for your children. That love is different from any other love, at least to me. When I think of the love I have for my kids, there is that instinct to hold my lower belly. My children were created there, grew there, were birthed from there. So yes, I do see the connection. And I imagine it could be the same for men. It was their sperm that sparked that little creation, so the ties are drawn to the men’s genital area as well.

Then we have the obvious issue that is sex. It’s called the Passion chakra for good reason. And although that passion could extend to something artistic, such as writing or anything else creative, it also zeroes in on the sexual passion as well. Sexual desire starts here, whether we are single or not. If overloaded, you can be ruled by this passion. Addicted to the sex and the passion. If blocked, you may find it difficult to get aroused or experience an orgasm.

For awakening and aligning our Passion chakra, I’ve turned to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chakras by Betsy Rippentrop and Eve Adamson:


  1. Sit on the floor, legs crossed, seat firmly planted on the floor. Feel your pelvic bones and imagine roots anchoring those bones to the Earth.
  2. Take several long, slow, deep breaths as you visualize your second chakra spinning  slowly and glowing bright orange, open and healthy just below your belly button.
  3. Imagine your chakra radiating an orange circle of watery light that fills your entire abdomen. Feel the light pulse outward from your spine to the front of your body, to your back, and our to each side. Feel it in your hips and genitals.
  4. Take a deep breath in and in a low resonating tone, say the word: Vang, holding the “A” sound, (rhymes with “song”). Imagine the planet’s energy that ignites your second chakra, so that it glows gently as it spins.
  5. Imagine the warm, orange,watery light flowing through your body in cool waves.



  1. Immerse yourself in water. Either a tub or out in nature.
  2. Sitting or standing in the water so that it at least comes up to your waist, try to feel your second chakra spinning just below your belly button. Imagine an orange light emanating down to your first chakra, then picture them joining to shoot a red and orange light down to the ground. Then, imagine the orange light from your second chakra spreading upwards and through you other chakras, helping to align them as well.
  3. Lift your arms straight up overhead and feel the orange light pulsing up and down, reaching to the center of the Earth and all the way to the sky.




Water is the element here, so treatment involving clear, pure water works wonders! Drinking a lot of water, or swimming in an open body of water can be very therapeutic. Go out of your way to participate in activities you know you will enjoy. Hug someone who is emotionally open, and who honestly cares about your well being. Spend quality time with those who are close to you.



To help with an overloaded chakra, try coming up with a daily routine, especially when it comes to eating, hygiene, and sleep. Set limits for yourself, and have someone reliable hold you accountable. Take some time to spend alone and focus on your inner strength. Grounding exercises would be good to help seek some balance.


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