Manipura- “Power” Chakra

Also known as the Power chakra, this chakra is all personality. It’s our willpower, our self-confidence. Housed in our solar plexus, the balance of this chakra is crucial. Too much of an overbalance can cause narcissism to surface. A blocked, or low, balance can lead to becoming the stereotypical “doormat.” Our personality IS the definition of who we are. Balancing this chakra will provide endless opportunities, and hopefully, prosperity. Imagine, the perfect balance of self-esteem and willpower, honed to make you an efficient, charismatic leader.

For awakening and aligning our Power chakra, I’ve turned to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chakras by Betsy Rippentrop and Eve Adamson:


  1. Sit on the floor, legs crossed, seat firmly planted on the floor. Feel your pelvic bones and imagine roots anchoring those bones to the Earth.
  2. Take several long, slow, deep breaths as you visualize your bright yellow chakra spinning fast, open and healthy at the base of your spine.
  3. Imagine your chakra radiating a wide yellow beam of light from the base of your spine, down to the floor, into the Earth, and all the way to the center of the planet.
  4. Take a deep breath in and in a low resonating tone, say the word: Rang. Imagine the planet’s energy that ignites your third chakra, so that it glows gently as it spins.
  5. As you imagine your third chakra heating up, continue to connect to the center of the Earth and let yourself relax into a feeling of safety and security.



  1. Stand with bare feet about a hip-width apart. Feel the soles of your feet against the ground. Imagine your feet rooting firmly into the ground, as if magnetized to the floor.
  2. Imagine your third chakra in your solar plexus and try to feel it spinning. Imagine a ray of light emanating down from your third chakra, into your second chakra, into your first, and on down through the floor. Then, imagine that same ray of light radiating upward, straight through the crown of your head, pulling all your other chakras in line with this central column of light.
  3. Lift your arms straight up overhead and imagine the yellow light pulsing up and down, reaching to the center of the Earth and all the way to the sky.




When blocked, your opinion of yourself is at a low. You’re sluggish, fatigued, with low energy and a low appetite. You hold zero power over yourself or others. Personality-wise, this makes for an individual known for their inability to follow through on projects or promises. Along with their unreliability, they may even go so far as to have a victim mentality. Everything is everyone else’s fault, not their own. To help with this blockage, turn to heat. Manipura is the “fire in your belly.” Avoid cold foods and liquids, instead lean towards hot teas and saunas and stir up that inner fire. Incorporate yellow into your environment. Eat yellow foods, wear bright yellow clothes. You’re off balance, so adding the elements of this chakra can help tip the scales towards a healthy balance.



When in excess, stress of any kind can make the unbalanced scale fall even more. Along with narcissism and a strong sense to maintain control, you get other physical manifestations of this overload. Ulcers, hypertension, and even addiction to exercise can result from an overloaded Power chakra. As for others, they’ll be victim to your anger issues, obsession with power, and inability to compromise. To help tip the scale towards being a nicer-person-to-be-around, try deep breathing and other relaxation methods, to help slow down the rush of this power coursing through you.


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