Four Directions
North- Dark Green/Black
East- Yellow
South- Red
West- Blue


Colors and Their Meanings
From what I have found so far, each Witch has their own “this candle means this” ideology. I’ll post some of what I have found, but it’s becoming clearer to me that it really all does depend on the Witch. We know what we’re asking for, we know the state of mind, far better than any chart on a website or in a book. Perhaps black candles mean dark magic to some, but to me, I view it as a candle I would use for protection from the dark. Something I would use for heavy and serious work. In layman terms, my “Not fucking around” candle.
Blue: Internet and book findings seem consistent with blue being inspiration and harmony within oneself. I associate it with the Water Element.
Royal Blue: Loyalty. Though I would take it one level deeper. I feel prestige with this candle. Loyalty as in those who only want us to succeed. Holding someone or something up in our eyes and helping them to achieve success.
Brown: Represents the Earth Element. I believe this would be a good candle to ground oneself during travels or deep meditation. As I relate most to this Element, what keeps you grounded might be something different.
Gold: I feel it’s cliche but appropriate to associate this color with wealth. When I think of yellow, I think of healing as well. The sun gives life sustenance, and feels good soaking into your skin.
Green: I associate this with Nature. Communicating with Nature’s creatures and plants. Nature goes in cycles, perhaps we can view our life in cycles. A stream of bad luck could be viewed as a dark time. Lighting a green candle and focusing on a new cycle could hep bring the change you need.
Orange: I like the idea that orange helps with studying (D.J. Conway). I also view the Fire Element with this. It’s a nice color to look at, yet is also as wild and unpredictable as Fire.
Pink: Naturally love comes to mind with this color. But maybe not just romantic love. Maybe the love we feel for family or friends as well.
Purple: A lot I’ve read about purple leads towards it being a powerhouse of colors. Answers range from warding off evil, to communicating with spirits, to wisdom.
Red: Like Pink it has universal meaning. Instead of romantic and familial love, Red is about sexual attraction and passion. Healthy, sexual relations can cause a magnitude of good and positive energy. Confidence, self-love, giddiness, and overall positive outlooks are “red” flags for someone who has recently engaged in sexual activity.
Silver: There are many different thoughts on when to use this candle. I relate it to the moon. To bring a piece of the Moon Goddess herself down to your altar in prayer. Spirit Element.
White: More than just representing purity, let us discuss the definition of purity. This is a prime example of the Goddess in Maiden form. Purity is not weakness. It is strength. It’s more that just being “untouched.” It’s being proud and owning yourself for no one else’s something. You are you. You own you. Not loneliness, just proud comfort in one’s self.
Gray: Air Element
Planetary Colors
Earth: Brown shades
Jupiter: Dark blues/Purples
Mars: Shades of red
Mercury: Yellow, Orange
Saturn: Black
Sun: Gold
Venus: Pink, Green, Pale Blue
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