Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

REALM OF HISTORY THE FUTURE LIES IN THE PAST 1) Nun – The Primeval God Every mythology tends to start with the primordial origins, and in Egyptian mythology, that scope is covered by the ancient Egyptian gods Nun and Naunet (the feminine form). In essence, the ancient Egyptians perceived Nun as the watery abyss that basically held the universe byContinue reading “Egyptian Gods and Goddesses”

Sahasrara- “Crown” Chakra

The Seventh Chakra is where we tend to lose a lot of believers. It’s taking the personality and mind of someone, and then extending it to the unknown. The unknown scares people, but some of us feel comfort in it. We can sit down with graphs, lab results, and scans to try and figure outContinue reading “Sahasrara- “Crown” Chakra”

Anja- “Third Eye” Chakra

Our Third Eye Chakra lies centered behind our eyebrows. Here is our imagination, intuition, wisdom, and intuition. Now that we are in our sixth chakra, we’ve entered into the more divine/spiritual side of our chakra system. There are tons of people out there who do not believe in a “Third Eye,” and yet probably justContinue reading “Anja- “Third Eye” Chakra”

Anahata- “Heart” Chakra

As the Heart chakra, this is obviously going to be centered on a loving type of energy. By a “loving” energy, I mean the love that creates a bond. It’s where we feel compassion and a sense of caring. Having a healthy heart chakra enables you to feel love and give it in return toContinue reading “Anahata- “Heart” Chakra”

Manipura- “Power” Chakra

Also known as the Power chakra, this chakra is all personality. It’s our willpower, our self-confidence. Housed in our solar plexus, the balance of this chakra is crucial. Too much of an overbalance can cause narcissism to surface. A blocked, or low, balance can lead to becoming the stereotypical “doormat.” Our personality IS the definitionContinue reading “Manipura- “Power” Chakra”

Svadhisthana- “Passion” Chakra

Emotions and Sex The Passion chakra deals with our emotions and sexual self. A person who has a healthy Passion chakra manages their emotions in a way that they are able to feel without being overtaken. Able to see emotions as a PIECE of themselves, and not the whole. That is super tricky. Emotions areContinue reading “Svadhisthana- “Passion” Chakra”

Muladhara- “Root” Chakra

The Big Three S’s: Security Safety Survival Beginning in our childhood, the three “S’s” are the top priorities in our day to day life. If you were blessed to be raised by parents/guardians who provided a safe and secure environment, then you will be more likely to already have a balanced Root Chakra. When raisedContinue reading “Muladhara- “Root” Chakra”

Chakras Dumbed-Down

Chakras have been very popular over the last few years, yet how much does the average person know about them? Before researching, I knew there were seven chakras that ran down the middle of our body, and supposedly did stuff for our health. Basically, I was the eye-rolling, dismissive type. But as chakras kept beingContinue reading “Chakras Dumbed-Down”

Winter Solstice

The Solstice is a time of death and rebirth. We celebrate the death of the Sun King, and welcome his rebirth in the form of the Divine Child. The Solstice celebrations can range from December 20th until the 25th. Most celebrate on the 21st specifically. The full moon after the Solstice is considered the strongestContinue reading “Winter Solstice”

How to Setup an Altar

A Witch’s altar is the focal point for her/his rituals, ceremonies, and spells. Statues and other depictions of their Goddess/Gods are commonly placed on the altar, along with other items more personal to the Witch. Though it is ultimately up to the witch to decide how to setup their altar, there are a few basicContinue reading “How to Setup an Altar”