Sweetening Jars

Sweetening, or honey jars, come from Hoodoo practices. Hoodoo is a practice that was brought to southern USA during the transatlantic slave trade. Slaves were forced to abandon their beliefs for Christianity. Therefore, many Hoodoo practices have ties to Christianity. In Hoodoo, practitioners pray to saints or their ancestors. Sweetening and honey jars have becomeContinue reading “Sweetening Jars”

Money Jar Spell

You’ll Need: One glass jar with lid Green Aventurine Stone Two Cinnamon Sticks Seven Small Coins Bay Leaf Allspice Powder One Gold Tealight Candle One Green Tealight Candle Directions In your jar, place all the ingredients except for the candles. As you place them in the jar chant: Money, money in my hand, Gaining richesContinue reading “Money Jar Spell”

To Break Bad Luck

This is a spell used to help end a streak of bad luck. With Mercury in retrograde, a lot of us are undoubtedly feeling the negative effects. Here is something I have done for myself and my family. I am hoping it will help you as well. Items Needed: Tools for casting your circle AContinue reading “To Break Bad Luck”