The Mother and The Crone

The Maiden, Mother, Crone is a very common form of the triple goddess. The Maiden representing youth and puberty, the Mother representing motherhood and life, the Crone representing wisdom, old age, and death. In the majority of imagery, the Mother has a rounded stomach. This day in age, we know that physically giving birth toContinue reading “The Mother and The Crone”

Shamanism and Wicca

Shamanism is often referred to as the first “religion.” Shamans were considered wise, the healers of their people. Shamans discovered, through the use of herbs, hallucinogens, and eventually drums how to transcend our physical plane and venture out into the spiritual realm. They gained new knowledge there, discovered magic, nature, and creation. Planes and realms,Continue reading “Shamanism and Wicca”

Interpreting the Crone

Most of my days are spent running around, trying to make sure my three littles don’t hurt themselves or each other. It can be exciting and fun, or exhausting and frightening. I am a Mother. Every once in awhile I have a “self-aware” moment when I realize that these three little lives depend on me.Continue reading “Interpreting the Crone”

The Low-Energy Wiccan

One of the beautiful things about Wicca is how you can tailor it to fit you like a glove. It’s all about intent. It’s a connection to whatever you feel connected to, be it a deity, deities, or even nature. I feel the connection. It’s much more than spells and crystals. Those are the funContinue reading “The Low-Energy Wiccan”


I started working on my blog after having to drop it for a few months due to health issues. It seems I may have jumped the gun. Should I have waited until my health was more stable? Should I just toss the whole thing? I ask myself these questions all the time. But then IContinue reading “Consistency”

I’m Coming Back

It’s been… I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve faced the hardest year of my life, and even now I feel like each day is a fight to just stay conscious. My health has deteriorated, my relationships have suffered, and my family has been pushed to the limit. But I’m here. My family isContinue reading “I’m Coming Back”

A Low, A Stream, and Some Tears

I’ve been low. Lower than I have been in years. It’s not uncommon with Bipolar disorder. You have your highs, and you have your lows. Both have cost me. A lot. But this time, I had an amazing support system that was in place to help me push through. When I didn’t have children, itContinue reading “A Low, A Stream, and Some Tears”

Off-Centered and Imbalanced

Today is day four of a monster migraine. It also happens to be my birthday. For the last few days I have drawn shut all the curtains, turned off every light, and subjected my family to living in a cave of silence. I tried my usual routine of water and caffeine to no avail. IContinue reading “Off-Centered and Imbalanced”

When the Well is Dry

These past few days have been very difficult.  There are so many concerns inside my head and heart that cause every move I make to physically hurt. But I push through. I push through for my family. I go to work with a smile on my face. I  laugh and play with my girls, andContinue reading “When the Well is Dry”