Dreams of Struggles

I had a hard day. I had zero patience with my girls and the day seemed to last forever. Due to all three girls being so young and all in diapers, daycare costs are ridiculously high.┬áSo, I stay at home with them during the day, and go to work in the evening when my husbandContinue reading “Dreams of Struggles”


Along this journey, I have become distracted. I’ve been gathering information for this blog, rather than for me. I began this blog to take others along with me as I study. But now my studying has become for the blog. The information I uncover is now for posts, and not tob e comprehended on aContinue reading “Sidetracked”


Sometimes I get overwhelmed. And whenever I do, I always wonder what I did to deserve being in that position that causes me so much stress. I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. That, whether intentional or not, we put out energy. Sometimes that energy is negative, and unbeknownst toContinue reading “Overwhelmed”

Reactions of Friends and Family

The reactions I’ve received after informing my friends and family that I have embraced the Wiccan religion have been rather disappointing. My mother is perhaps my only supporter on my Wiccan journey. My husband shows his support, but it feels more like he’s placating me. It’s hard, considering for the first five years of datingContinue reading “Reactions of Friends and Family”

Personal Traits to Correct

In the book, the question asked to list Personal Habits we would like to change. Instead, I want to talk of my own toxic traits. Part of this journey is to evaluate my life. If I can honestly look deep within myself, and consciously change what I can for the better, then perhaps I canContinue reading “Personal Traits to Correct”

Why I want to dedicate my life to the Goddess

For years I’ve felt like something was missing. So much has happened in my life in such a short time, and I needed guidance. I needed faith in something. As an adult, I’ve always felt the Goddess. Felt her presence in everything in nature, in the miracle that brought each of my daughters to be.Continue reading “Why I want to dedicate my life to the Goddess”


If I’m honest, I am a selfish person. I am a selfish Mother, Partner, and Friend. This doesn’t mean I intentionally only think of myself first and foremost. It’s just…I don’t think. I don’t put myself in the shoes of everyone. I struggle with mental illness, and for decades I have trained my mind andContinue reading “Selfishness”