In order for a Witch to use any object in a spell or ritual, it must be purified. The easiest way is to use consecrated water.

In order to create your consecrated water, follow these tips:

  • Gather rain water, filtered tap will also work
  • On a full moon night, present the jar of water and ask that it be made pure and offer power
  • Leave jar in moonlight overnight
  • You may also add blessed salt or rose-water to your consecrated water
    • Pour salt in your dominate hand and ask the Goddess to bless it
    • Boil or simmer rose petals in water for 30 minutes
      • The ratio of petals to water is to the Witch to decide


How to purify your tools:

  • Take the tools one at a time
  • Hold the tool to your heart and claim it as your own, concentrate on the tool helping you to achieve your goals
  • Sprinkle the tool with your consecrated water to purify and honor the Water Elemental
  • Pass tool through the flame of a candle three times to cleanse and honor the Fire Elemental
  • Wave tool three times through the smoke of incense for honor to the Air Elemental
  • Place your tool on the Pentacle Disk on your Altar, by grounding the tool, you honor the Earth Elemental
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