D.J. Conway lists several Magickal Stones in his book Wicca: The Complete Craft as listed below:
Shepard’s Crown: Wards off the evil eye and bad luck
Sand Dollar: Offers protection and good luck
Turitella: Assists spells for making changes or neutralizing fear
Ammonites: Helps while on a spiral path during a past-life meditation
Tigillite: Assists spells for healing, calming, and for re-centering oneself after a crisis
Belemnite: Offers luck
Amber: Prosperity, good luck, protection, uncover past lives, communication with spiritual teachers, healing
Jet: Pulls negative energy out of an aura, understanding Karma, brings to light psychic talents
Holey Stones: When hung above bed it prevents nightmares. Attracts good luck and deters evil
Geodes: Good for past life meditations
Amethyst: Enhances psychic abilities, heals, facilitate communications with the Otherworld, strengthens divination tools, attract love, bring good fortune
Aventurine: Helps with mental and emotional distress. Amplifies creative expression and attracts love and prosperity
Bloodstone: Brings good things to the person wearing it. Attracts good fortune with finances, tears down walls blocking success
Carnelian: Reflects spells aimed at the person wearing it. Fast-acting for career success, protects from ill-wishers and evil-doers, heals familial issues, helps to remember astral journeys, and strengthens concentration
Chrysocolla: Helps to release old resentments when dealing with fear and anger, letting go of tension, and removing blocks to creativity
Chrysoprase: Leads to finding the truth in personal problems, soothes emotions, attracts prosperity
Fluorite: Cleanses auras, helps to cutoff astral ties with other people, helps re-balancing and establish communications with otherworldly beings. 
Garnet: Powerful protector, deflects negativity and spells, lifts depression and opens up one’s life for business success
Hematite: Deflects and diminishes negativity to help break up stress. Traditionally used to seek favor in court or lawsuit
Jade: Deflects negative vibrations, attracts good fortune, calms, heals, and helps one to remember dreams
Jasper: Very powerful aide to add in a spell and in defense of magical attacks
Lapis lazuli: Helps to find balance, releases tension, calms, increases psychic talents, aids in communicating with deities and other Otherworld beings
Malachite: Amplify the energy you’re feeling at the moment. Strengthens the intuition and the psychic, attracting love and money, repels evil
Black obsidian: Used for scrying and divination. Absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Multiplies money when placed next to it
Onyx: Repels negative vibrations, calms, and helps to recall past lives
Pyrite: Calms tense relationships or business problems
Clear quartz crystal: All purpose healer, enhances energy and the psychic, divination aide, talisman for attracting good fortune
Rose quartz: Attracts love and good health
Smoky quartz: Breaks up subconscious blocks and negativity
Tiger’s eye: Provides protection from evil spells, and negativity. Helps to attract good luck, reveal the truth in any situation, bleed off excess energy
Green tourmaline: Excellent healer and attracts money
Watermelon tourmaline: Removes conflict and confusion
Turquoise: Enhance psychic power and help one communicate with the Otherworld




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