To Break Bad Luck

This is a spell used to help end a streak of bad luck. With Mercury in retrograde, a lot of us are undoubtedly feeling the negative effects. Here is something I have done for myself and my family. I am hoping it will help you as well. Items Needed: Tools for casting your circle AContinue reading “To Break Bad Luck”

Why Wicca

Women have always been oppressed and persecuted. There are very few societies that value women equally along with men. Very few in which women have complete autonomy over their lives and/or their bodies. It is times like this when we have no choice but to stick together. We need to stop the drama, stop bashingContinue reading “Why Wicca”

How to Setup an Altar

A Witch’s altar is the focal point for her/his rituals, ceremonies, and spells. Statues and other depictions of their Goddess/Gods are commonly placed on the altar, along with other items more personal to the Witch. Though it is ultimately up to the witch to decide how to setup their altar, there are a few basicContinue reading “How to Setup an Altar”

The Eight Holy Days

Winter Solstice: December 21st Some sects view this holy day as a turning point of the year. It is the shortest day of the year, a true transition into the cold and the dark part of the year. When the Sun King dies, and is reborn as the Divine Child. Evergreens are decorated in honorContinue reading “The Eight Holy Days”

Sacred Symbols

Choose the symbols you think best describe yourself at this point in your studies. Write them in your notebook. At the end of six months, look at these symbols again, and see which ones you would not choose. Hexagram- The hexagram is made of two triangles. They represent the God and Goddess. It is aContinue reading “Sacred Symbols”

Ritual Tools

Dagger Element of Fire Recommended length is between 9-10 inches from hilt to point A means of Summoning, Controlling, or Banishing Spirits and/or Otherworldly powers Used to trace a circle Wand Element of Air Witches Will of Power Directs energy Tool of Persuasion Different wands for different purposes Two Goblets Metal, ceramics, glass, pewter OneContinue reading “Ritual Tools”


The following information has been researched by D.J. Conway in their book, Wicca: The Complete Craft. Familiars are both astral and physical creatures. It takes a Witch embarking on a spiritual journey to the Otherworld. We Witches use the familiars’ energy from the Otherworld to shape-shift or become invisible. The act of becoming invisible andContinue reading “Familiars”

Earth Elementals

  GNOMES: Range from four to twelve inches tall Found in forests Healers and Magicians   DWARVES: Larger than other Otherworlders Ruled by a King Knowledgeable in Metallurgy and gemstones Oral history is passed down through the clan Associated with NORTHERN DIRECTION/QUARTER OF CIRCLE   TROLLS: Come in all sizes Change their form to beContinue reading “Earth Elementals”


The more research I go through, the more I see how large a following of Witches believe and pray to deities from a Pantheon. A Panatheon is a group of Gods and Goddesses in a culture. As I further my education, I will post information on the various Pantheons below.   Greek Gods and GoddesssesContinue reading “Pantheons”