Vishuddha- “Throat” Chakra

The Throat chakra, being in the throat, is our center for communication. For awakening and aligning our Throat chakra, I’ve turned to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chakras by Betsy Rippentrop and Eve Adamson: AWAKENING THE CHAKRA Sit on the floor, legs crossed, seat firmly planted on the floor. Feel your pelvic bones and imagine roots anchoringContinue reading “Vishuddha- “Throat” Chakra”

Anahata- “Heart” Chakra

As the Heart chakra, this is obviously going to be centered on a loving type of energy. By a “loving” energy, I mean the love that creates a bond. It’s where we feel compassion and a sense of caring. Having a healthy heart chakra enables you to feel love and give it in return toContinue reading “Anahata- “Heart” Chakra”

Manipura- “Power” Chakra

Also known as the Power chakra, this chakra is all personality. It’s our willpower, our self-confidence. Housed in our solar plexus, the balance of this chakra is crucial. Too much of an overbalance can cause narcissism to surface. A blocked, or low, balance can lead to becoming the stereotypical “doormat.” Our personality IS the definitionContinue reading “Manipura- “Power” Chakra”

Svadhisthana- “Passion” Chakra

Emotions and Sex The Passion chakra deals with our emotions and sexual self. A person who has a healthy Passion chakra manages their emotions in a way that they are able to feel without being overtaken. Able to see emotions as a PIECE of themselves, and not the whole. That is super tricky. Emotions areContinue reading “Svadhisthana- “Passion” Chakra”

Muladhara- “Root” Chakra

The Big Three S’s: Security Safety Survival Beginning in our childhood, the three “S’s” are the top priorities in our day to day life. If you were blessed to be raised by parents/guardians who provided a safe and secure environment, then you will be more likely to already have a balanced Root Chakra. When raisedContinue reading “Muladhara- “Root” Chakra”

Chakras Dumbed-Down

Chakras have been very popular over the last few years, yet how much does the average person know about them? Before researching, I knew there were seven chakras that ran down the middle of our body, and supposedly did stuff for our health. Basically, I was the eye-rolling, dismissive type. But as chakras kept beingContinue reading “Chakras Dumbed-Down”

I’m Coming Back

It’s been… I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve faced the hardest year of my life, and even now I feel like each day is a fight to just stay conscious. My health has deteriorated, my relationships have suffered, and my family has been pushed to the limit. But I’m here. My family isContinue reading “I’m Coming Back”

A Low, A Stream, and Some Tears

I’ve been low. Lower than I have been in years. It’s not uncommon with Bipolar disorder. You have your highs, and you have your lows. Both have cost me. A lot. But this time, I had an amazing support system that was in place to help me push through. When I didn’t have children, itContinue reading “A Low, A Stream, and Some Tears”

Off-Centered and Imbalanced

Today is day four of a monster migraine. It also happens to be my birthday. For the last few days I have drawn shut all the curtains, turned off every light, and subjected my family to living in a cave of silence. I tried my usual routine of water and caffeine to no avail. IContinue reading “Off-Centered and Imbalanced”

When the Well is Dry

These past few days have been very difficult.  There are so many concerns inside my head and heart that cause every move I make to physically hurt. But I push through. I push through for my family. I go to work with a smile on my face. I  laugh and play with my girls, andContinue reading “When the Well is Dry”