Views on Religion

I often get into religious debates with my coworkers, and something interesting has occurred to me: What if everyone is right? We witches have our Gods and/or Goddesses, Christians have their God,etc. But what if everyone is right in their beliefs? Perhaps, all the Gods and all the afterlife theories are correct. I pray toContinue reading “Views on Religion”

A Mother’s Acknowledgement

There are times, being a stay at home mom, in which I question my competency as a mother. I feel as though I am failing my children by keeping them home with me. That is what it is like to be Bipolar, to struggle and fail to keep your illness hidden from your children. This isContinue reading “A Mother’s Acknowledgement”

Journey So Far

In short, it has been interesting. I say this in half exasperation, half thrill. I absolutely love that there seems to be never-ending knowledge to collect about the religion and craft. I love to study, to learn new things and apply them to unique situations. The interesting part comes from the reactions of others aroundContinue reading “Journey So Far”

The Eight Holy Days

Winter Solstice: December 21st Some sects view this holy day as a turning point of the year. It is the shortest day of the year, a true transition into the cold and the dark part of the year. When the Sun King dies, and is reborn as the Divine Child. Evergreens are decorated in honorContinue reading “The Eight Holy Days”

Dreams of Struggles

I had a hard day. I had zero patience with my girls and the day seemed to last forever. Due to all three girls being so young and all in diapers, daycare costs are ridiculously high.┬áSo, I stay at home with them during the day, and go to work in the evening when my husbandContinue reading “Dreams of Struggles”

Different Sects of Wicca

The following information was gathered from For more information and more sects, D.J. Conways “Wicca: The Complete Craft” has several more. 1. Alexandrian Witch: It is very much based on the Gardnerian Wicca practices, but it incorporates elements of ceremonial magic and Qabalah, too. Like most Wiccans, Alexandrian witches emphasize gender polarity. There areContinue reading “Different Sects of Wicca”


Along this journey, I have become distracted. I’ve been gathering information for this blog, rather than for me. I began this blog to take others along with me as I study. But now my studying has become for the blog. The information I uncover is now for posts, and not tob e comprehended on aContinue reading “Sidetracked”

Elemental Meditation

When I consider the elements, I feel that Earth would be the one I connect with. The book suggests setting up an area for each element and meditating. I will begin with Earth. Each week I will meditate each day. That following week I will meditate with another element and do the same meditation. WeekContinue reading “Elemental Meditation”

Pantheons with which I Resonate

Spend at least two weeks deciding which Pantheon appeals most to you. If no pantheon listed here feels right, research other pantheons until you find one with which you resonate and feel comfortable.   Growing up i was obsessed with Egyptian mythology and the Gods. One summer I focused on teaching myself hieroglyphics. I knewContinue reading “Pantheons with which I Resonate”

Sacred Symbols

Choose the symbols you think best describe yourself at this point in your studies. Write them in your notebook. At the end of six months, look at these symbols again, and see which ones you would not choose. Hexagram- The hexagram is made of two triangles. They represent the God and Goddess. It is aContinue reading “Sacred Symbols”