Earth Elementals

  GNOMES: Range from four to twelve inches tall Found in forests Healers and Magicians   DWARVES: Larger than other Otherworlders Ruled by a King Knowledgeable in Metallurgy and gemstones Oral history is passed down through the clan Associated with NORTHERN DIRECTION/QUARTER OF CIRCLE   TROLLS: Come in all sizes Change their form to beContinue reading “Earth Elementals”


If I’m honest, I am a selfish person. I am a selfish Mother, Partner, and Friend. This doesn’t mean I intentionally only think of myself first and foremost. It’s just…I don’t think. I don’t put myself in the shoes of everyone. I struggle with mental illness, and for decades I have trained my mind andContinue reading “Selfishness”

Water Elementals

Undines: Name means “wave” Found in non-ocean waters such as: springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes Leaders name is Niksa/Necksa Scaled with webbed hands and feet Various sizes Can live on land for long periods of time Mer-Folk: Upper body human, lower body fish with large scales Have their own language, but also know the languagesContinue reading “Water Elementals”


The more research I go through, the more I see how large a following of Witches believe and pray to deities from a Pantheon. A Panatheon is a group of Gods and Goddesses in a culture. As I further my education, I will post information on the various Pantheons below.   Greek Gods and GoddesssesContinue reading “Pantheons”