Different Sects of Wicca

The following information was gathered from Wiccanspells.info For more information and more sects, D.J. Conways “Wicca: The Complete Craft” has several more. 1. Alexandrian Witch: It is very much based on the Gardnerian Wicca practices, but it incorporates elements of ceremonial magic and Qabalah, too. Like most Wiccans, Alexandrian witches emphasize gender polarity. There areContinue reading “Different Sects of Wicca”

Elemental Meditation

When I consider the elements, I feel that Earth would be the one I connect with. The book suggests setting up an area for each element and meditating. I will begin with Earth. Each week I will meditate each day. That following week I will meditate with another element and do the same meditation. WeekContinue reading “Elemental Meditation”

Pantheons with which I Resonate

Spend at least two weeks deciding which Pantheon appeals most to you. If no pantheon listed here feels right, research other pantheons until you find one with which you resonate and feel comfortable.   Growing up i was obsessed with Egyptian mythology and the Gods. One summer I focused on teaching myself hieroglyphics. I knewContinue reading “Pantheons with which I Resonate”

Sacred Symbols

Choose the symbols you think best describe yourself at this point in your studies. Write them in your notebook. At the end of six months, look at these symbols again, and see which ones you would not choose. Hexagram- The hexagram is made of two triangles. They represent the God and Goddess. It is aContinue reading “Sacred Symbols”

Ritual Tools

Dagger Element of Fire Recommended length is between 9-10 inches from hilt to point A means of Summoning, Controlling, or Banishing Spirits and/or Otherworldly powers Used to trace a circle Wand Element of Air Witches Will of Power Directs energy Tool of Persuasion Different wands for different purposes Two Goblets Metal, ceramics, glass, pewter OneContinue reading “Ritual Tools”


The following information has been researched by D.J. Conway in their book, Wicca: The Complete Craft. Familiars are both astral and physical creatures. It takes a Witch embarking on a spiritual journey to the Otherworld. We Witches use the familiars’ energy from the Otherworld to shape-shift or become invisible. The act of becoming invisible andContinue reading “Familiars”

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

CELTIC GODS & GODDESSES 15 Major Ancient Celtic Gods And Goddesses You Should Know About POSTED BY: DATTATREYA MANDAL JULY 2, 2018 When it comes to the ancient Celts, the scope is not really about a singular group of people who dominated some specific region or realm. Instead, we are talking about a vast andContinue reading “Celtic Gods and Goddesses”

Earth Elementals

  GNOMES: Range from four to twelve inches tall Found in forests Healers and Magicians   DWARVES: Larger than other Otherworlders Ruled by a King Knowledgeable in Metallurgy and gemstones Oral history is passed down through the clan Associated with NORTHERN DIRECTION/QUARTER OF CIRCLE   TROLLS: Come in all sizes Change their form to beContinue reading “Earth Elementals”

Water Elementals

Undines: Name means “wave” Found in non-ocean waters such as: springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes Leaders name is Niksa/Necksa Scaled with webbed hands and feet Various sizes Can live on land for long periods of time Mer-Folk: Upper body human, lower body fish with large scales Have their own language, but also know the languagesContinue reading “Water Elementals”