How to Setup an Altar

A Witch’s altar is the focal point for her/his rituals, ceremonies, and spells. Statues and other depictions of their Goddess/Gods are commonly placed on the altar, along with other items more personal to the Witch. Though it is ultimately up to the witch to decide how to setup their altar, there are a few basic tools and arrangements that help aide in focus and energy.


  • Pentacle disk
  • Athame
  • White Pillar Candle
  • Small Taper Candle
  • Candlesnuffer
  • 4 Directions Candles
  • Chalice of Water
  • Container for Salt
  • Small Handbell
  • Incense and Censer
  • Paper/Book with Ritual
  • Lighter


  • In the center of the altar, place your pentacle disk
  • Place your chalice of water on the disk
  • To the left of the disk, place the salt, paper/book with ritual, incense and censer
  • To the right of the disk, place the white pillar candle, candlesnuffer
  • Keep the athame and handbell within easy reach, to the right of the disk
  • At the far end of the altar, furthest from you, place the yellow candle for East. The red candle for South goes to the right of all the tools, the blue candle for West goes closest to you, and the dark green candle for North goes on the far left of the altar
  • The candles should make a circle around the tools, on the edges of the altar

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